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UV absorber UV-326 Chemical name: 2-(2'-hydroxy-3'-tert-butyl-5'-methylphenyl)-5-chlorobenzotriazole Main chemical index: Project index Appearance light yellow fine crystal Content 99% Melting point 139-140.5 °C Dry weight loss 0.5% Ash 0.1% Light transmittance 460nm and 97% 500nm and 99%
toxicity: Low toxicity. Oral LD50> 5000mg / kg body weight. Attributes and uses: As a UV absorber, it can be used in polyolefins, polyvinyl chloride, and plexiglass and ABS resins. The maximum absorption wavelength ranges from 270 to 380 nm.
Storage and transportation: Good chemical stability. It can be stored and transported according to the regulations of general chemical substances. Packing: 20 kg net weight fiber bag lined with plastic.  

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