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Light stabilizer 944 Chimassorb 944 is a polymeric light stabilizer primarily used in polyolefin plastics such as PP and PE, olefin copolymers such as EVA and combinations of propylene and rubber. It is also used in polyphenylene ether compounds (PPE), polyacetals and polyamides, polyurethanes, PVC and PVC compounds. Chimassorb 944 has a good effect on styrene, rubber and adhesives. Chimassorb 944 light stabilizers have better properties than UV absorbers such as 81 and 327, nickel stabilizers. Chimassorb 944 has a coordinated function when used with UV absorbers. It is used in low volatility and light transfer systems, especially for films and fibers. Physical characteristics: Appearance light yellow particles, dust-free Diameter 1-2MM Softening temperature 100-135 ° C Density 0.98g / cm3 (200C) Solubility / (200C) Solubility (200 ° C) weight ratio% Hexyl hydride 40 Benzene 50 Acetone 50 Ethyl acetate 50 Chloroform 50 Dichloromethane 50 Methanol 3 Water 0.01 Chimassorb 944 is operated industrially. Contact us for details.

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