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Light diffusion powder

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PC065 light diffusing agent characteristics (high light transmission): Narrow diameter distribution
Less amount added
Excellent diffuse
The highest light transmittance, brightening effect
Good shelter for point light source
Good dispersion in most plastics and can be added directly
High temperature to 320 ℃ -350 ℃, do not change color, not yellowing, not gray
Extruded light, injection lamp shade process is not easy to generate black spots, pure color, bright, high yield PC065 application
Add to PC and other plastics for light diffusers such as shades, lamps and so on.
Backlight module, luminous characters and so on
For epoxy resin encapsulation
PC065 Product Description
Compared with the light diffusion agent, PC065 light diffusing agent has the advantages of higher efficiency, especially heat resistance, stable color, no yellowing, fine grain control, fine particle size distribution and so on. Transparency can reach more than 90%, if the amount of adjustment, up to a higher light transmission rate! The At the same time do not see the lamp beads.
Application method Add: Depending on the wall thickness of the plastic, the distance between the LED lamp beads and the shade is designed. The addition of the PCO65 organic powder is generally about 3%-5%> PC065 light diffusion agent can be made masterbatch directly
Ingredients:Acrylic acid
Package: 20KG /barrel

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