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 The luminous (self-illuminated) pebbles developed by Huizhou Yingguang Plastic Pigment Co., Ltd. is a new type of indoor and outdoor decoration materials. The resin or porcelain is used as the main material to add the luminescent materials for special processing and forming. There are natural forming and mold forming. It can be used as other ingredients after pulverization. The minimum particle size can be used for road modeling, artistic conception and guidance. Due to the small size change, it can be relatively simple, and it is a high-quality material for modern art and guidance. Features: v Excited light storage conditions are low and high brightness lasts for a long time. v High temperature resistance and good electrical insulation performance. v Good hardness, corrosion resistance and good chemical stability; v Optical performance, friction reduction, wear resistance and noise reduction performance. v Environmentally friendly, safe and light quality. v Good plasticity, large shape change, easy processing and forming. v High recoverability, recognized by the growing awareness of environmental protection  


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