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 Luminous stone(also known as fluorescent light stone) is my company to develop a new type of light-emitting products.They use high-tech through crushing screening again after the 1100 degrees of high temperature and be become.The product can be illuminated by natural light,lamplight or visible light. When the product absorb enough light in a few minutes, it can glow at night more than ten hours. The product has not only the geometric shape of natural stone, but also the body color like jade. The product can be designed a variety of colorful pictures and pattern according to the luminous stones of different colors and different light color.In the field of architectural decoration and home outfit have broad application prospects.It can be used in road, terrazzo floor, indoor and outdoor decoration, etc.For example, park road is like the stars at night, the stars, bright and dazzing.The product not only played a decorative role, and the function of indication in the absence of electricity or suddenly loses power security .Our factory can also be customized according to customer requirements processing.Welcome to inquire

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