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Light diffusion powder

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Characteristics: Narrow diameter distribution
Increased amount of less, do not see the lamp beads
Excellent diffuse
High light transmittance and good brightness
Good shelter for point light source
Good dispersion in most plastics and can be added directly
High temperature to 470 ℃, do not change color, not yellowing, not gray
Extruded light, injection lamp shade process is not easy to generate black spots, pure color, bright, high yield
Application: Add to PC, PS, PMMA and other plastics for light diffusing agents
Add PMMA to make light guide plate
Made in PET for the production of light diffusion films
backlight module, luminous characters and so on
For epoxy resin encapsulation
Product Description: T068 Silicone powder can be added to PC, PS, PMMA and other transparent plastics to provide excellent light diffusion properties, with good impact strength, haze and transparency of the balance, compared with the inorganic powder light diffusing agent, with The proportion of small, good dispersion, good lubricity, good water, especially the advantages of high light transmittance; compared with other organic powder light diffusing agent, T068 organosilicon powder with more efficient, especially heat resistance, color Quality stability, no yellowing, micro-morphological control of particles more fine, narrow particle size distribution and other significant advantages. The light transmittance of 1.2 can reach 60% or between 30% and 80%, the haze is 89.2%, and the light transmittance can reach 93% in the extrusion or injection molding shade. Higher transmittance! The TV board, flat lights, shade, etc. with the most!

Application method Add amount: According to the plastic wall thickness, the design of the lamp and the distance between the lamp and the lampshade, the amount of the T068 silicone powder is generally about 3 ‰ -5 ‰ of weight, etc. If the haze requirement is particularly high, Multi-purpose.
Make masterbatch
Add directly
Ingredients 100% silicone
Package:20KG /carton



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